Woody is a name of a person from the deep Gulf South who has wandered the world in confusion and with some delight.  He will tweet and delete fleeting notions at @woodyevans.  This is his project for the practice of reading, listening, and watching the news more carefully: http://www.thefakenewsdispatch.com/.

Work published in: Split Lip Magazine, Blunderbuss Magazine, Teknokultura, Online Searcher, Transformative Works & Cultures, Haiku Journal, Ultraculture, Motherboard, New World Writing, TRNSFR Magazine, Atticus Review, Archinect, Boing Boing, ACCELER8OR, h+ Magazine, Information Today, Journal of Evolution and Technology, American Libraries, Library Journal, 971 Menu, Rain Taxi Review of Books, Public Scrutiny, Juked, and others.  Books include Building Library 3.0, and Information Dynamics in Virtual Worlds.  Contributor to The Future We Deserve: 100 Essays About the Future, and was an editor for Chandos Social Media Series (now an Elsevier imprint).  Sometimes writing with other names.

Woody: lignified; tough-ish, but flexible.